CBS/Grammy/Arista Boycott 2004

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Media Coverage:
One of the goals of the boycott is public education.  If you had good media coverage in your area, please let us know.  Here are a few examples of recent successes:
SF Chronicle
Datebook interview with Andrew Brother Elk 2-25-04 by Laurel Wellman.  The Chronicle is the largest circulation daily serving the 7 million Bay Area population.  READ IT HERE.
ABC Eyewitness News
Showed traditional Pomo Dancers doing a social dance for the first time on TV!  Helped educate the public about real Indian dancing. Several million viewers: Bay Area.
Ran the story all day Feb. 13, Wolf Blitzer discussed.  Several millions of nationwide views.
SF Examiner
Ran a story with the facts and contact info.  Couple hundred thousand readers.
E! Online and Yahoo News
Both ran the story for several days online.  Millions of views.
NACC has participated in over 50 radio interviews in the past two weeks, covering the Yukon to Mexcio.

National Updates:
1.  Week in review: US Senators weigh in
2.  That wasn't an apology:
3.  Use of Navajo song:
4.  What's wrong withe this picture?

NACC Position on Apologies
Have you ever received an apology that reeked of insincerity? "C'mon, I've said I'm sorry, what more do you want" -- which really translates into  "I know I did something wrong, but I'm not going to take responsibility for it."

A brief recap: CBS broadcast racist programming into 26 million homes on Sunday February 9, 2004. This sparked outrage and upset by many people of all races throughout North America.  Many elders and young people in the Native American community were saddened and disappointed by the use of "entertainment" to perpetuate blatant racial stereotypes. These stereotypes damage people.  Hence,
NACC began its "TURN OFF CBS" campaign, which has garnered widespread support in North America.

So far the Grammy Awards and Arista have not offered an apology, and CBS offered a two word apology 'if we offended anyone."

Sorry, here is a little primer on apologies:

To fulfill its responsibility as a public broadcast network, one that uses publicly owned airwaves to earn company income, CBS must provide each of the following remedial measures before our boycott is called off:

1.  Acknowledge fully its responsibility for the broadcast racism during the CBS/Grammy Awards Show. (“if we offended anyone” does not fulfill this measure).

2.  Provide the nation with a full, frank, and detailed explanation for how this carefully constructed performance made it onto the airwaves, past its regular company quality control standards, past the five minute delay system touted so prominently after the Superbowl, and past the time zone tape delay system.

3.  Provide a full and frank explanation for CBS’s advance knowledge of this performance, detailing company officials who reviewed and approved of its broadcast, interactions among show producers and staff, and communication with the artists involved.

4.  Establish company standards and mechanisms to insure that racist programming, whether intentional or not, will no longer be broadcast on the nation’s airwaves by CBS.

5.  Recognize and honor Native Americans cultures, through concrete remedial educational initiatives to correct the damage that was done. NACC can suggest a number of people CBS can work with to fulfill this measure.

6.  The formal apology and remedial measures to take full responsibility must be communicated by CEO Les Moonves or a similar high ranking CBS or Viacom official.

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On Racial Stereotypes

February 17: Click Here for a Funny Perspective on music, media, and over-commercialization from today's news... thanks to Cindy in Florida.

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NACC Updates: (click below)
Feb  9:   Orignial Press Release Announcing Boycott
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Feb 13:  Petition Signatures Top 5,000!
Feb 14   Boycott Supporters Top 12,500 emails
Feb 16   Boycott Supporters Top 20,000 emails
Feb 17   Media Coverage Spikes Numbers
Feb 17   Petition Signatures Top 8900
Feb 19   Emails top 50,000, Petition over 10,000!
Feb. 24  Boycott Supporters Top 70,000 emails
Mar. 29  Petition Signatures Top 13,000, email                            Supporters Top 100,000 emails.
Mar. 30  CBS Affiliate disses Minneapolis Group
April 1    Violence at CBS Protest in Minneapolis
Many of you have asked for classroom resources to help students understand real indigenous cultures rather than stereotypes.  Go to the NACC EDUCATION webpage.  Or for an excellent online series produced locally for PBS called "Circle of Stories," CLICK HERE.

You might also find the National Coalition on Racism in Sports and Media website useful: CLICK HERE.  It is sponsored by AIM.