We seek to explore the link between the traditional indigenous cultures of America and contemporary artistic expressions, thus creating a spectacular new indigenous dance theater.

In service to our vision, we seek to:

Create and produce innovative dance theatre works of excellence.
Collaborate with indigenous artists from a wide variety of fields in creating a unique aesthetic.
Connect with the widest possible audience, providing patrons with a magical theater experience.
Serve as cultural ambassadors, nationally and internationally.
Become self-sustaining financially, and create good company jobs.
Initiate and sustain cultural exchange programs with global indigenous cultures.
Nourish respectful cultural links among indigenous peoples.
Train and inspire young people in a supportive environment.
Give voice to social, environmental, and political issues through art.


Performance:  Earth Dance Theater, a professional dance company.
Training:  summer intensive training workshop on a college campus.
Research:  ethnographic investigation to ground the creative process.
Indigenous Dance Program
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