The students and teachers involved in the Ohlone (pronounced oh-LOH-nee) Education Project have compiled a sampling of lesson plans to help teachers begin their own classroom activities.  Please feel free to explore these examples, download, and make changes to suit your own students.  Click on the link below the titles.


Celebrate Columbus Day?

Cross-Cultural:  Native and Latin Americans

Crossroads Overview: Geography, History, Culture

Crossroads: Prove that Indians are Worthy of Respect

Crossroads: What was Life Like for Indians?

Crossroads: What was the Impact of Western Expansion on Indians?

Crossroads: Native Geography

Crossroads: Indian Cultural Differences and Similarities

Crossroads: Concepts and Rationale

From Sea to Shining Sea:  Ethnic Cleansing

Native American Social Studies

Native American Research Project

PBS Strength of Native American Music

Picturing a Nation:  Native Americans and Visual Representation

SCORE Native American Sensory Poetry