The Native American Cultural Center is proud to help people start their own unique relationship with plants through the materials shared online.  "Natives and Plants" is the product of years of research, consultation, and design.  It re-introduces Native People into the story of Native Plants, a story that involves an intimate and co-dependent relationship between plants and people. 

In some cases, ancient traditions and modern science have joined to help us gain a much deeper appreciation of the human relationship with plants. We know plant medicine is powerful and effective, because it has had thousands of years of testing.

In many cases, this knowledge has survived centuries of ‘deculturization’  and environmental damage. While a vast reservoir of helpful knowledge has been lost as languages and cultures were suppressed, a great deal of plant knowledge continues to be passed down from generation to generation in many tribes.

This is just the beginning.  Check back throughout the seasons as more materials are added.

Getting Started With Plants
Plants Guide Andrew Brother Elk
Plants With Healing Medicine
Plants For Natural Grooming
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